Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football 2019 Live : Welcome to Week 10 of the fantasy football season! With fantasy owners to walk away where it should be the Broncos, Patriots, Eagles, Redskins, Jaguars, and Texans all on byes, there is certainly going to be plenty of roster maneuvering for this weekend and it’ll take the savviest ofa  with a win.

One thing we know about the Detroit Lions: They won’t make anyone’s lives easy. That includes fans, opponents and analysts. Is this a bad team that’s , or is it a good team that’s underachieving? The Bears are going to find out one way or another, as they head into Detroit for a good old fashioned Thanksgiving trap game.

the all-time series 4–2, but since they became NFC West division rivals in 2002, the Seahawks lead the series 23-12. The rivalry was once considered not very significant, due to the two teams having little history against each other and with both suffering significant stretches of mediocrity.[2] For example, while the Seahawks won four straight division titles from 2004–2007, the 49ers finished in third or fourth place each season and did not have a winning season from 2003–2010. Likewise, the Seahawks suffered four straight losing seasons from 2008–2011. Despite their stretch of mediocrity, the Seahawks have remained competitive in games against the 49ers in those years, especially games at CenturyLink Field, where their worst loss to the 49ers there was by only ten points in 2006.

“It don’t get much better than the 49ers…it felt like a Super Bowl when we were playing during that time.”
—K. J. Wright, Seahawks LB[3]

The rivalry intensified in 2011, when long-standing college rival coaches — former USC coach Pete Carroll and former Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh — took over as head coaches, with Carroll becoming the Seahawks’ coach in 2010, and Harbaugh becoming the 49ers coach in 2011. Both teams drafted young, mobile quarterbacks to lead their franchises, Seattle’s Russell Wilson and San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick.[4] Both coaches turned their respective franchises into perennial playoff contenders, and from 2010 to 2014, either the Seahawks or the 49ers won the NFC West championship.

The two teams met in the 2013 NFC Championship Game in Seattle with a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII on the line, with the Seahawks winning by a score of 23–17. The game ended when Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman, whom Harbaugh previously coached at Stanford, tipped an end zone pass that led to a game-ending interception. Sherman had his famous postgame interview immediately afterwards, calling out 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and claiming to be the “best corner in the game”.[5] Seattle went on to defeat the Denver Broncos 43–8 in Super Bowl XLVIII to win their first Super Bowl championship. San Francisco had represented the NFC in a losing effort in Super Bowl XLVII the previous season.

Since drafting Russell Wilson in 2012, the Seahawks have dominated the rivalry, holding a 12-3 record against the 49ers in that span.

Monday night showdown with the Seahawks was already carrying the weight of a rekindled division rivalry. It was always going to be a huge game at Levi’s Stadium. Now it’s even heavier with San Francisco’s chance to put further distance between them and the rest of the NFC West, and the NFC as a whole.

them at 9-0, and drops Seattle to 7-3. That’s a 2.5 game cushion with seven weeks remaining, and one more matchup waiting between these two clubs at the end of the year. It wouldn’t necessarily clinch the division, put it would put San Francisco in a spot where they’d need a pretty monumental collapse to slip out of the top spot in the division.

There’s the underlying benefit of re-asserting dominance in the rivalry with Seattle. A rivalry the Seahawks owned for a half decade. Getting a victory over a playoff team and bitter rival would validate a lot of what the 49ers have done through the first nine weeks.

What if the 49ers lose?
It’s not the end of the world, but it stings because of how monumental a win would’ve been. The 49ers would be at 8-1 with the 8-2 Seahawks nipping at their heels. That’s not a comfortable spot to be in with games against Green Bay, New Orleans, Baltimore, and another against Seattle all looming.

It would be easy to write off as a fluke if George Kittle misses the game, and losing one out of the first nine games would still be astronomically better than most people thought San Francisco would start, but the 2.5-game vs. 0.5-game separation in the division is significant, so a home loss to the Seahawks would certainly put a dent in the 49ers’ division championship aspirations.

There’s more than just the division to worry about though. The 49ers are in a position to snag the No. 1 overall seed and ensure the road to Super Bowl LIV goes through Levi’s Stadium.

New Orleans’ loss to Atlanta put a little breathing room between them and the 49ers for the top spot in the conference, but San Francisco can’t exhale yet. There are still plenty of conference-wide consequences for them Monday night.

Here’s what the NFC playoff picture looks like after Sunday’s games:

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